She Was Viciously Attacked In Her Own Home, But It Is Her Kids That Gave Her The Power To Survive

Carmen Tarleton is a survivor, and through her own strength and willpower she offers hope and a message of perseverance to other survivors. Her experience was one of horrific circumstance, but she has endured through the pain and hardship, and she has done the utmost that any human being could bear to do after having faced such cruelties. Her story must be shared in an effort to prevent further travesties; her voice must be heard.

Carmen Tarleton’s second marriage to Herbert Rodgers was originally everything a woman could hope for – Herbert was said to be an overall pleasant man, and their relationship seemed happy and anything but abusive. But as with all relationships, hardship eventually struck. After moving to Vermont, Rodgers had trouble finding employment and began to become increasingly depressed and introverted. The stress eventually became too much, and the couple decided to file for divorce, ending in Rodgers moving out of their house.

Following the divorce, Tarleton began to date another man. It’s unknown if Rodgers knew about the budding new relationship, but whether he did or not, something provoked him. On June 10, 2007, he broke into Tarleton’s home and viciously assaulted her, attacking her with a baseball bat and covering her in extra-strength lye.

Tarleton’s recovery since has been an uphill battle, but her family, and particularly her children, have supported her unwaveringly throughout the ordeal. Rodgers was ultimately sentenced to 30 years in prison, although the crime he committed has scarred Tarleton for life. As she is still working to overcome her own difficulties, she is doing her best to provide help to others who have been victims of similar misdeeds. For this reason, Carmen Tarleton is an incredible human being, and her story must be told.

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