She Was Tired Of People Telling Her She Was ‘Too Fat.’ Here’s Her Response. It’s PERFECT

Loey uses social media sites like Twitter and You Tube to share her struggles with weight and body image. Having suffered with an eating disorder in the past, she wants to give encouragement to women who also struggle with the social and emotional wounds that come with being overweight. Loey is open about the bullying, and the stereotypes she encounters on a daily basis. She is quoted saying,”

When people see (my body) they assume I sit on the couch and eat McDonald’s all day, when in reality I’ve never even seen a Big Mac in person. They tell me it’s wrong. “It’s not okay to be fat,” they’ll say. “You need to be healthy. Lose some weight.”

But then when they see me at the gym, they whisper and giggle just loudly enough for me to hear. I’m a joke, something to be put in a hole until I’m pretty by the standards of society”. The message Loey is sending out to women everywhere is not about weight loss. It’s about embracing and loving your body. She is strong, she is healthy, she is a size fourteen.

She says she is “on a healthy path, both mentally and physically”. Loey’s You Tube video featuring herself in stunning plus sized swimwear sparked many positive remarks about her beauty, courage and honesty.

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