She Was Terrified Of Water, So Her Trainer Had To Do Something Very Unusual

It is easy for us as humans to give up on things when they are difficult. We can just move on to something else. However, giving up is not always easy for animals. There are certain things that animals just have to learn.

Charlotte is a very peculiar penguin. She grew up at the Birdland Park and Gardens, which is located in Gloucestershire, with her brothers and sisters. However, unlike her sisters and brothers, she did not like swimming. She loved to watch the other penguins swim, but she would only dip her toes in the water.

Alistair, who was Charlotte’s handler decided to do something that was totally unorthodox. He knew that he would have to be very careful with her. Alistair decided that he was going to take Charlotte out in the water and teach her how to swim. It took some time because Charlotte was still afraid of the water. However, she eventually overcame her fear of water. She now loves swimming and is very good at it.

The video of Alistair teaching Charlotte how to swim has gone viral. It has received over 104,000 views on YouTube. It has also been viewed over 474,000 times on Facebook.

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