She Was Just Strolling Through The Mall, Then She Stops, And EVERYONE Stares When She Does THIS

When people walk through a mall, they usually don’t expect many people to pay much attention to them. They want to shop or look at the items that stores have on sale. Some travel in groups while others like shopping on their own. This woman was walking through a mall like it was an every day scenario, but when she stopped, everyone turned to look at her.

The people who gathered to watch the dancer thought that it would only be the one young lady. They were in for a surprise when there was a flashmob of dancers. The dance was an Irish step dance. The music to the dances of this kind is beautiful, and the foot work is precise.

For so many to do this at one time and what seems to be at the spur of the moment, they know what they are doing. One woman starts to dance first.

You can see that there are several people who start to make a circle around her. Soon, there are other dancers who join her in the Irish dance. They are amazing to watch and show great talent. Each person who joins in on the dancing seems to just pick up right along with everyone else.

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