She Was In The Middle Of Cooking When Her Favorite Song Came On. The Rest Is History…LOL!

She’s a classy granny, with a cloud of curly hair. She’s a tad brawny, with a bit of attitude. In a blue-striped blouse and sassy slacks, this limber lady sure can dance!

Grandma’s stirring a pot at the stove. The song “Ice Ice Baby” is turned on. Now she’s ready to rap and roll!

First, her hips start swinging to the hip-hop beat. Then she kicks off her black clog shoes. Now this Grandma’s really in the groove. She bee-bops around the kitchen while stirring her stew. Her puzzled black poodle is at a loss for what to do.

This hot mamma gets down to business now. Enough with cooking! She sets her pot down. She slides her way across the tiled kitchen floor, inviting her grandson to the dance floor. He shies away and flees to the sofa. Grandma’s unfazed and continues her prancing. There’s no doubt about it. This honey loves dancing!

With swiveling hips, she sashays to the fridge, takes out the butter and does a little jig. Whoops! She slides into a mini-split, gets off balance and almost loses it! Next is a knee criss-cross dance, adding a touch of Charleston jazz. Over to the dining room table she twirls. She picks up a bread loaf and gives it a whirl. She flings it over her shoulder and under her leg. Joining the action, this is boogie bread!

She pulls out a knife from the utensil drawer. Then she does the twist, down low to the floor. She twirls her knife while bobbing in place. She looks like a cop, with a stick on his beat. Now it’s over to the freezer for a bowl of ice. Grooving to the rhythm, this granny is cool!

She picks up her poochie and smothers him with smoochies. Hugging him close, they take a few spins. She beams at the family and gives a broad grin.

Daughter behind the camera is dissolving in giggles. Grandson on the couch is coming unglued. The family’s bowled over by granny’s attitude.

She does a little more twisting, squatting low. A few shoulder shakes and some more hip motion. She gathers ice cubes that spilled in the commotion.

It’s time to finish dinner but did we have fun! This hip, slick grandma is Number One!

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