She Was Harassed In A Bathroom For Having “Manly” Hair – Try And Guess Why It’s So Short…

She Was Harassed In A Bathroom For Having “Manly” Hair – Try And Guess Why It’s So Short…

Twenty-two year old Connecticut resident Aimée Toms just experienced her first time being harassed over being transgender- the thing is, Aimée is not transgender. America has been up-in-arms lately over transgender people and their use of public restrooms. Apparently this mania is now bleeding over into women who are non-traditionally “feminine”.

Aimée is a cisgender woman who happens to sport a pixie-style haircut. The day in question she was in a Walmart in Connecticut when a woman approached her from behind to yell, “You are not supposed to be here! You need to leave!”.

The woman continued by calling Aimée “disgusting” and flipping her off before exiting the restroom. It is not illegal for a transgender woman to use the woman’s restroom in Connecticut, by the way. Aimée believes that her short hair and baseball hat may have led the woman to mistake her for being transgender. Regardless, that type of behavior is not acceptable. The incident left Aimée shaken and upset.

Once she was home, Aimée made a video discussing the incident that she posted on her Facebook page. She described the incident and compared it to what happened in the ’60s when those of another race tried to use the same bathroom as white people. She blamed the HB 2 anti-transgender “bathroom bill” that North Carolina has passed as reason for her harassment. Before that bill was passed, no one was concerned about who was using what bathroom.

The best part of the story is, Aimée had recently cut all of her hair off so that she could donate it to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

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