She Walks Into A Pawn Shop With Her Grandma’s Gems. Then He Tells Her What They’re Worth…

A young lady walked into Les and Ashley’s pawn shop wanting to know the value of her recently deceased grandmother’s jewels. The young lady didn’t expect much out of the gems that her grandmother had shown her throughout her life and assumed that they were costume jewelry made out of glass or plastic.

The woman only wanted $50 to $100 for the gems and was hesitant about bringing them in due to their sentimental value. She needed the money to pay for her grandmother’s funeral, though, and she surely didn’t expect what was coming next.

When she had the jewelry examined she was right…mostly. After the gemologist examined all the gems, he came to the conclusion that all of the gems were indeed glass except for one; a ruby. The ruby was estimated to be worth around $10,000. The Burmese ruby changed the life of the woman who only wanted a some extra cash to pay for arrangements.

The woman was absolutely ectatic about the gem’s worth. That sort of thing doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it’s a memorable encounter. Needless to say it was an emotional ending to a happy story that left everybody tearful in the store.

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