She Uses This Simple Trick Before Bed And Has GORGEOUS Curls In The Morning!

Ellko is an Internet sensation who is known for creating the Coca Cola hair rinse technique. She has recently demonstrated how to do another very simple hairstyle – create bouncy curls without using any heat. The only things that you need are a few hair pins, hair spray and hair ties.

This is an overnight hairstyle. The first thing you will need to do is lightly wet your hair, then part it into small sections. You will then need to twist the sections. If you want tighter curls, then you will need to divide your hair into smaller sections.

Bigger sections will give you looser curls. After you are finished, you will need to use a hair tie to hold the twists in place. The final step is to tuck the loose hair with hair pins and apply the hair spray. You will need to unravel the twists the following morning.

Remove the pins first, and after that, you will need to remove the hair twists. Run your fingers through the twists. Apply some hair spray, flip the hair over and scrunch it up. You will then have a head full of loose, bouncy curls. Check out the video and try it for yourself!

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