She Uses Mason Jar Lids To Cook Her Eggs – There Is A Clever Method To Her Madness

She Uses Mason Jar Lids To Cook Her Eggs – There Is A Clever Method To Her Madness

Eggs have been a mainstay in American breakfast for generations. There seem to be countless ways to prepare the deliscious little chicken embryos, sunny side up, over easy, scrambles, fried… but they all have been done a thousand times over and you’re getting tired of the standard methods. Fear not friend, we’ve got a solution to your boredom – a simple kitchen trick that can transform your standard breakfast fare into something completely new, and highly functional. All you’ll need is a pan, cooking spray, tongs, and a couple of mason jar lids:

Put a skillet on to low or medium heat, and give it a spritz of cooking spray. Next, take two mason jar lids and place them on the pan. Crack one egg into each lid, and as it cooks the egg will expand into the shape of the lid. Give the lids a flip for even cooking, season the eggs, then pop them out with the tongs or a fork.

Now you have evenly cooked, fluffy, uniform eggs. This process is great for making breakfast sandwiches, where having an even shape helps ensure an equal amount of egg in every bite. This method is as easy as it is clean and also makes it easy to creatively embellish on your eggs.

Try throwing in some Canadian bacon, diced onions, mushrooms, jalepenos or cilantro for a quick and fun take on the Denver omelette.Try this new egg cooking method next time you cook up some breakfast and be amazed at the ease and perfection of this circular egg frying method.

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