She Takes The Same Picture Every Day Of Her Pregnancy To Document Her Journey Into Motherhood!

YouTube poster TheDunderBoy was so excited about his wife’s pregnancy, he devised a very unique way to capture the timeline of her expanding abdomen and the progression of her pregnancy over a nine month period.

He had his wife stand in the exact same location every day in the room which the couple was going to transform into their baby’s nursery. Then he captured how she looked on a daily basis, eventually winding up with a 90 second video that shows the beautiful expectant mother coming to full term, then leaving with him to deliver their child in the hospital and finally returning with their new offspring.

Throughout the 90-second video clip, the viewer not only sees how the expectant mother’s profile changes from just a barely perceptible baby bump into a fully round belly, they also see the nursery’s progress. Meanwhile, the background and wall color of the room also changes over time as the husband gets to work changing this bedroom into a nursery to welcome the new baby.

Adding to the excitement in the video are the couple’s two dogs, who are shown sleeping in the nursery overnight after mom and dad leave for the hospital, patiently awaiting their owner’s return with a new member of the family. At the end of this charming 90-second video, the audience is able to finally see what had originally been seen as just a small bump on the mother’s belly, is now a new infant ready to face the world.

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