She STOLE A Handicapped Parking Spot. When He Confronts Her? You Won’t Believe Her Reaction.

In a video that was created in September 2014, a California man recorded the reaction of an otherwise-healthy woman who took a handicapped parking space at Sargeant elementary school in Roseville, California.

The man’s son, who attends the school, is wheelchair-bound, which would ordinarily allow the man, Joshua Coleman, to use the spot

Coleman noted in the video that the concept of non-handicapped using the handicapped parking space is a fairly common occurrence, despite the potential for fines and the criticism.

A woman with her daughter is sitting in their black Nissan Rogue as Coleman films her actions. Noticing the video camera, she calls him over and asks to take another picture, which turns out to be her flashing an obscene gesture.

After moving her car on the street, the woman walks toward the school, where she then gets into a confrontation with Coleman. After first telling him to stop the camera, she claims that he only had to ask her to move, before saying that things might have been more contentious had her husband been there.

While Coleman attempts to explain, the woman again flashes an obscene gesture and walks away. Other parents also point out the error in her actions. The woman then begins to take film of her own before then saying, “Do you know who I am?” before again walking away.

The women then argues with the school principal, asking that her child be removed from the school, with the video then coming to an end.

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