She Starts Singing On The Train – And Then This Adorable Little Girl Chimes In

She Starts Singing On The Train – And Then This Adorable Little Girl Chimes In

Commuters taking a subway in Brisbane, Australia were the recipients of an unexpected performance of the song, “Do Re Mi,” from The Sound of Music. A group of children who are members of the Queensland Performing Art Centre’s Lyric Theatre, along with a woman leading them, performed for the stunned group.

The children consisted of cast members that were performing the musical at the theatre, with Amy Lehpamer, who was portraying Maria Von Trapp, the main character in the classic, leading them.

The performance came across in subtle fashion, with the children taking random seats within the subway train. Lehpamer was casually standing near a doorway holding a rail when she began singing. Once she finished a line, one of the children would stand up and shout out one of the musical notes that gave the song its iconic status.

Eventually, the children all stand up at the same time and begin to sing the remainder of the song together. While they’re singing, their arms are raised and when they enthusiastically conclude their singing, they close with a salute and then quietly sit back down.

During the performance, the reaction of the commuters starts off as surprise, followed by amazement. By the end of the performance, the performers receive a loud round of applause from the appreciative crowd. The effort was captured on video, with the footage showing that other individuals were also capturing the unique performance.

The Sound of Music’s Facebook page made an effort to recognize the effort as well, posting the video on their page. Between that and the commuter also posting it on the same social media outlet, the video was viewed more than 300,000 times in the span of just 48 hours.

The song, “Do Re Mi,” was written by Rodgers and Hammerstein for the musical, which first began as a Broadway play in 1959. Six years later, it was made into a motion picture with Julie Andrews portraying Maria Von Trapp, with Andrews winning the Academy Award for Best Actress with her performance.

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