She Spots Tiny Barefoot Girl Alone On The Roadside, But Never Expect This

Angela Shymanski was expected to get to Prince George in the province of British Columbia on June 8th of 2015. She traveled to the city with Peter, her 10-week old baby boy and Lexi, her 5 year-old daughter. Things didn’t go according to plan, however. The three family members actually landed themselves in Edmonton, Alberta’s University of Alberta Hospital. This all happened when they experienced a dangerous drop during their drive.

Angela was playing a soothing CD of lullabies that caused her to fall asleep while driving. This caused her to rapidly change directions and go down a nearby embankment, ultimately hitting a tree. Once the baby’s crying made big sister Lexi alert, she looked at the landscape around her and noticed that her mother didn’t seem to be in a responsive state. She realized then that it was up to her to seek assistance.

Young and brave Lexi promptly removed her 5-point harness, raced up the embankment (without any shoes on) and tried to get the attention of a driver who could help her and her family members. She accomplished getting the help of a driving family just fine. They followed Lexi to the site of the crash and witnessed a truly frightening view. The family’s father got Peter to safety.

Another passerby, a paramedic, waited alongside Angela until she became alert again. The paramedic contacted 911 and the rest is history. The Shymanski family received the medical care they needed and were able to recover from the truly scary situation.

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