She Sparkles In Her Prom Dress – But Her Date Looks Down At Her Arms And Realizes…

Kilee Brookbank is a young high school student who recently went to her prom. She was a vision of amazing beauty during the event. The young girl, surprisingly enough, didn’t believe in the past that she’d ever have the desire to go to the huge party. It never occurred to her that she’d ever feel like wearing a dress. It never occurred to her that she’d ever be in the mood to wear a dress that was free of sleeves, either.

Kilee was spending time in the comfort of her own residence roughly two years ago. The teenager didn’t know at the time that her home had a gas leak. She lit up a candle and that quickly turned into a fireball. The results were absolutely disastrous. Kilee experienced intense burns all over her body. She almost passed away. At least 45 percent of her body sustained burns. She remained hospitalized for a total of 38 days following the serious accident. She had several complex surgeries. Nothing changed the reality that her back, legs and arms were all heavily scarred, however. The teenager had a difficult time coping with the situation initially. That’s definitely not a surprise. Anyone would have a difficult time dealing with such a significant life transition.

Kilee chose to refrain from concealing her noticeable scars. This choice required a lot of careful thought and deliberation. It was far from quick and easy for Kilee. She realized that her scars were a tribute to an experience that was so important in her life. That’s why she likes to put them on display for the whole world to see. She believes that her scars symbolize qualities such as beauty, survival, resilience and courage.

The teen donned a sleeveless gown on her important night. Her family members were all amazed by her strength and confidence. Her friends and acquaintances at school were also all amazed. The people in her life were fully aware of how difficult her experience was. That’s why many people didn’t expect her to even make it to the event. She indeed showed up to the prom, however. She showed up with all of the confidence in the world, too. She didn’t hide from anyone. She didn’t hide her bodily scars from anyone, either.

People were all blown away by Kilee’s strength and beauty on prom night. Her classmates selected her to be their prom queen, a major honor!

Kilee spoke with the popular television program “Inside Edition” after her prom. She told them that for a long time she didn’t think she’d ever feel up to putting a dress on. She told the show that she didn’t think that she’d ever feel at ease with her outer appearance. She also told the program, however, that’s currently happy with who she is as a human being.

Dylan was her date to the glittering event. He also is her long-time boyfriend. He’s been loyal to her throughout her situation. When prom time came around, he couldn’t have been more delighted to be right by her side. He stated that he believed that Kilee was without a doubt the most gorgeous guest at the prom. He also stated that she’s among the most gorgeous girls he’s ever laid eyes on, period. It’s pretty clear that Dylan is a keeper.

Kilee’s scars are indeed beautiful. Looking at them can be quite a meaningful and deep experience. Kilee’s spirit is also incredibly beautiful. She’s the true definition of a trooper. Her courage shows that she’ll be able to get through anything life throws her way! She’s one tough cookie, to put it mildly.

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