She Sings Whitney Houston – And When She Hits THE Note Judges Jump From Their Chairs

Even those who aren’t fans of the show have come across “The Voice” while flipping through channels at least once. The show is bursting with undiscovered talent, and every now and then one fabulous performance stands out from the rest. Those who are familiar with the show’s judges know all too well that it takes a lot to impress these professionals.

Many countries host their own version of hit television show, but in the Netherlands there exists “The Voice Kids.” Here minors have the chance to show the world just how special they really are and win the record deal of a lifetime. It’s a great opportunity for passionate teens looking to get an early start on their entertainment careers.

At just 14, teenage singer Selenay Dagdelen has the vocal capacity of women twice her age. When she comes up on stage singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” the judges can’t believe their ears. She completely owns the performance, treating her audience to a modern classic that features a wide range of notes.

Not being able to make judgments based on the singer’s appearance, the judges were surprised to discover such a powerful sound came out of such a small girl. Dagdelen’s family expresses excitement backstage, her parents literally overcome with joy. Listen to her nail those high notes! Her voice will give you chills.

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