She Sees Her Newborn Son’s Face And Refuses To Keep Him – This Nurse Takes Him Home Instead

Children are a blessing no matter how they come into the world, but the parents of baby Adam apparently did not feel that way. Baby Adam was born in a hospital in India with a rare condition called Bartsocas-Papas syndrome. Bartsocas-Papas syndrome is a severe condition that causes most babies to die inside of the uterus before they even get a chance to see the world. Those who are strong enough to make it to delivery often have an extreme amount of disfigurement. That’s what happened to baby Adam. Adam made it through the battle inside the womb, but he was born with missing eyelids, nose and hands. His legs were also fused together. To make it even worse, the very first experience that this poor child had was one of abandonment. Fortunately for Adam,the story does get better.

Adam’s parents failed the test of whether they could still love their child even if he was not perfect by the world’s standards. The baby’s parents both shunned him over something he had no control over. Neither one of Adam’s parents agreed to take him home from the hospital. Even worse than that, they threatened to poison him and kill him if anyone made them take him home. That information broke the heart of nurse Jessica Paulraj and her husband who cared for Adam shortly after he was born. The Paulrajs turned out to be two loving individuals who showed Adam compassion by adopting him after his parents abandoned him.

The couple had no idea how they were going to pay for the multiple surgeries that Adam was going to have to undergo. They just knew that they wanted that child to feel wanted. It just so happens that some amazing doctors and several community members joined in and contributed to Adam’s surgeries. The community raised $100,000 to help pay for some of the medical needs for Adam. The specialists were able to get Adam’s eyelids to close, but still has a long way to go. The doctor says that he is very happy about Adam’s progress thus far. He may never be “normal” according to the world’s standards, but he is already perfect according to the Lord’ standards.

Adam’s new parents have fallen deeply in love with him as has the rest of the community. The little boy ended up having a happy ending to a situation that first seemed gloomy. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it takes a situation like this to see who truly has a kind heart and who does not.

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