She Saw a Rash with a Strange Shape on Son’s Temple and Issued This Dire Warning To All Parents

She Saw a Rash with a Strange Shape on Son’s Temple and Issued This Dire Warning To All Parents

Part of being a good parent is not only administering love, discipline and providing for the physical needs of a child, but it also means being alert to anything that may negatively affect their child’s welfare.

Tell-Tale Signs Of Lyme Disease

Karen McGregor, a young mom who noticed a strange rash appearing on her little two-year old son’s temple area took action immediately. Having previously seen a Facebook post that described the accompanying symptoms of a distinct bulls eye target-shaped rash as being flu-like symptoms, joint pain and neurological problems, McGregor rushed her son to the child’s pediatrician.

Typically caused by the bite of a tick in a grassy area, or perhaps lurking in a pet’s fur, Lyme Disease is a very difficult illness to deal with and recover from. This disease, which is similar to other illnesses with the same symptoms, can be dormant in a host body until it is properly diagnosed by medical authorities. However, this is not always the case. Many times, victims suffer for years before a proper diagnosis is made.

Lyme Disease bacteria are transmitted by infected black-legged ticks. However, not all ticks are infected. Rodents, small mammals and white-tailed deer are among the Lyme-infected tick’s favorite host bodies.

Lyme Disease Treatment Protocol

Once the bulls eye target-like image of a rash appears, persons should see a physician as soon as possible for an expert diagnosis. The sooner a treatment protocol begins, consisting of antibiotics and rest, the sooner the disease will be arrested and a recovery process begin.

With increasing reported incidence rates for Lyme Disease spreading across the United States and Canada, it behooves parents to especially keep a watchful eye for the strange, bulls-eye target-shaped rash on themselves, their children and family pets as well.

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