She Put Her Hand Over The Edge. You Need To See This Amazing Creature!

Sticking your hand in the ocean might not be something that you want to do, especially if you are in the middle of the water on a boat. This man made a friend when he put his hand in the ocean water. This friend isn’t the small fish that you might expect, and it’s not a turtle that one sometimes captures in the water and takes home.

Whales have sometimes been known to exhibit a beauty like no other animal. Some people go to other countries in order to try to get a glimpse of whales in their natural habitat. A group of whale watchers were on a boat, and they were in for a surpise when a whale came right near them.

The mother whale started swimming near the boat of people, seeming as though she would try to get on board with them. One of the men on the boat starts to reach his hand out over the edge to try to feel the whale. The whale lets him touch her, and the calf is also present, letting the people touch him as well.

This was an experience that the boaters will likely never forget as they were so close to such a large animal in nature.

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