She Put A Clothespin On Her Ear And You Won’t Believe What It Is Doing To Her Health…

There are many big fans of natural remedies out there. Some people aren’t too keen on traditional medications and treatments. They instead like to go for natural assistance. If you suffer from pain, stretching and doing yoga may be able to help you a lot. Those aren’t the only things can can offer you relief, however. If you want to do away with pain easily and comfortably, you may be absolutely shocked to discover that ears can be a major asset.

Yes, you heard that correctly. The ears that protrude from the sides of your head can actually often help you kiss frustrating pain issues goodbye. Helen Chin Lui is an experienced reflexologist who has certification. She states that individual ears consist of detailed reflex layouts. They’re full of nerve endings. They even include numerous pathways to the very important central nervous system. If you want to use your ears to get rid of pain, you should talk to a seasoned reflexologist like Chin Lui. Talking to a reputable medical professional can also help. Before you try any new type of pain relief technique, it’s important to always receive the approval of a respected and qualified healthcare professional, no exceptions.

Ears include six unique points, all of which are attached to soreness and aches around the physique. Putting pressure on these six points can, as a result, be highly useful for people who want to get rid of pain that’s bothering them. Your ear’s upper portion, to be specific, relates to your shoulders and back alike. If you put a clothespin on this part of your ear and let it remain in that spot for roughly sixty seconds, you should be able to successfully get rid of some of the tension and aching of your shoulders.

If you suffer from digestive woes, you may want to focus on the section of your ear that’s situated directly on top of its lobe. Doing so may be able to help reduce your annoying and uncomfortable day-to-day stomach troubles. Your ear’s upper-middle section is linked to your joints. If you put a clothespin on this section of your ear, you may find your joint pain lessening significantly. Your ear’s lower-middle section, on the other hand, is linked to your throat and sinuses. If you have allergies that drive you batty, concentrating on the lower-middle section of your ear may be a very smart idea for you. Your ear lobe, last but not least, is attached to both your heart and head, two very critical parts. If you constantly feel frustrated mentally, putting a little pressure on your ear lobe may be very helpful.

Although your ears may seem very unassuming, they can actually sometimes do a world of good for your pain management needs. If you have any specific questions about pain management and your ears, talk to a trustworthy reflexologist in your area as soon as possible. It’s also important to discuss all of your pain management options with a qualified medical professional. You don’t have to waste any more precious time in life dealing with pain.

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