She Poured HOT Water On A Store-Bought Apple – And What Happens To The Skin Is Horrifying.

Many people do not know that apples in the supermarket are often covered by a layer of wax. The wax is applied to keep the fruit looking fresh for a longer period of time. It can be shocking to discover exactly how much wax is used. A good way to see this is by pouring hot water over the apples. After a while, a white skin will appear.

If there is wax on an apple or any other fruit, there is a simple way to remove it. Scrubbing the skin with lukewarm water along with lemon juice and baking soda will remove the coating and return the fruit to its natural state.

This is an especially important step to take if there are children in the house as they should never eat wax or come in contact with any chemicals.

All vegetables and fruits should be thoroughly washed after purchase to remove dirt, bacteria and chemicals. To avoid wax and pesticides, it is best to purchase produce at a farmer’s market or an organic grocery store.

Organic produce comes at a higher cost but is more nutritious and better for the body because it is grown in the way that nature intended.

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