She Poses For A Photo On A Boat. Then Everyone Notices It Behind Her…

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Two couples, the Knecht’s and the Sahr’s, were out in a boat cruising around the Gulf of Mexico a few weeks ago celebrating two birthdays when they spotted something odd bobbing in the water. Thinking the object was a buoy, the couples watched as it got a little closer to them.

As they approached the object they realized what they spotted was not a buoy, but a small Jack Russell terrier dog! What they had thought was a buoy was actually his nose just above the water.

After pulling the dog on board, they called the Coast Guard to see if he had been reported missing. Sure enough, the dog had been reported missing three hours earlier by his owner Joey Myrick. The dog, named Jagermeister, had apparently jumped overboard after Myrick went to check something below the boat. Luckily, he had put a life vest on Jagermeister, which likely saved the pooch’s life and kept him afloat for all those hours.

The two couples said that when Myrick was reunited with Jagermeister he was overjoyed. He was in tears saying that he thought he lost him forever. He told them, “it’s my baby and I’m just so glad.”.

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