She Packs Her Clothes In A Very Unique Tiny Bundle, But How She Does It? AMAZING!

In an effort to make the most of luggage and carry-on space, some travelers fold or roll their clothes. The Travel Noire YouTube Channel shows in a video that’s only one minute and 49 seconds in length that there is a much better option that helps keep clothing wrinkle free while making the most of available space.

A woman bundled a large stack of clothing without the use of traditional folding or rolling techniques by layering clothing, in a star burst pattern and then folding any long shirt sleeves or pant legs over a bundle at the center that contains undergarments wrapped in a t-shirt. Each fold falls over the center creating a larger bundle. As she finishes a layer, she pulls the bundle toward the center on top of the remaining layered garments and folds again with this next garment underneath. She continues the process until only the last garment underneath remains and she then folds the previously folded bundle into that garment creating a compact and easy-to-transport bundle.

The entire process seems to hinge on making certain that the thickest portion of any garment, such as a shirt collar and pants waist band, is at the center of the starburst pattern of clothing layers.

Whoever figured out this process is a genius! There is no doubt that pleasure or business travelers can easily fit enough clothing, including jackets and jeans, for seven days or more travel into a small travel suitcase by following the examples in this video.