She Only Had Short Time on Earth But What She Does for the Lives of Two Others is Priceless

Olivia Swedberg was diagnosed earlier this year with a rare form of brain cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). Unfortunately, this disease, which only strikes children, has always proven to be fatal. Her parents wanted to remember fun times with their blond little angel and the three of them took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World in Florida.

While the Swedberg family was on this much needed holiday, Olivia’s condition suddenly began to rapidly worsen. But thanks to a message that came to Olivia’s mother via social media, the family learned about a young boy named Lucas Goeller who was given only a few short weeks to live due to a rare liver disease. Then came news about another young boy facing a too early death, much like Olivia, because of a congenital bowel disorder.

Olivia’s family knew instinctively that their hearing about two other children whose lives could be saved through organ transplants was not a coincidence. With faith in their hearts, they decided to make arrangements that when Olivia’s time came, her healthy liver could be donated to Lucas Goeller in order to help save his life.

And her small intestine was destined to be transplanted into Angelo Giorno, suffering from short bowel syndrome. Although the Swedberg family feels deep grief that their beautiful daughter Olivia’s time on earth was so short, they know that their ability to donate her organs to other needy children upon her passing served as priceless gifts of life.

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