She Only Does Makeup On Half Of Her Face To Teach Young Girls A Very Important Life Lesson

Makeup can be quite the controversial issue. As Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials states in her video, there are a lot of girls who are ashamed to admit that they love makeup because they are afraid of being judged. However, she wants to send the message that girls and women should feel free to wear makeup whenever they want and enjoy wearing it too.

In this video, she demonstrates what a difference makeup can make by making over only half of her face. The difference between both halves of the face is absolutely astonishing, to the point where you would think that the two halves of the face belong to two different people.

While she looks just fine naturally, the makeup makes a huge difference in her face and makes her look reminiscent of a Hollywood movie star. Truth be told, most Hollywood movie stars are almost always wearing large amounts of makeup themselves and are rarely seen in public without it, so this is part of what it takes to maintain that sort of image in the public and within that faction of society.

Nikkie states that makeup is one of the easier and least expensive ways for a woman to vary her appearance on a daily basis, since she can always wipe it all off at the end of the day and wear completely different makeup the next day. Essentially, the message is that girls should always be who they are and not be ashamed if they love makeup.

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