She Never Got Off Her Phone When She Should Have. Then This One Message Changed Her Life

Cell phones are practically ubiquitous in the modern age. As a result, American telecommunications giant AT&T created a campaign in March of 2010 that aimed to raise public awareness of the serious hazards of using mobile devices while driving.

AT&T collected accounts from many individuals who had seen car accidents that were the result of texting. They then put many of these anecdotes together to create a documentary. The documentary depicted all different types of people, from people who lost siblings to texting and driving to policemen who observed harrowing accidents and beyond. Although the documentary shows all varieties of people, the overarching concept never wavered — texting while driving is a serious danger that should be avoided at all costs.

People in the modern day are often practically attached to their cell phones. This is why it comes as no shock to anyone that texting while driving is such a major epidemic. Teenagers are often caught texting in class. Young adults often have major neck issues due to their cell phone habits. The problems associated with excessive cell phone use are practically endless.

While those issues are indeed problematic, they can’t compete with the hazards of driving and texting simultaneously, however. The United States Department of Transportation indicates that more than 1.5 car crashes annually are the result of cell phones. These crashes cause serious injuries and fatalities alike. Roughly 6,000 people pass away from cell phone use and driving each year. This is why it’s so important for people to always refrain from texting while behind the wheel, no exceptions.

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