She Makes the Cutest Cupcakes EVER. And You Can Too. It’s Easier Than You Think [WATCH]

The movie Despicable Me brought forth MINIONs. These are adorable characters that are small and yellow. They exhibit various facial features, and there are several things that have the MINIONs on them.

You can find clothes, toys, bubble bath and other items, especially for children, that have MINIONs on them. You can also make adorable MINION cupcakes in only a matter of minutes.

There are only a few ingredients used in making the cupcakes, and it only takes a few minutes for them to get done. The cupcakes are made from a simple yellow or white cake mix. After the cupcakes are made, you can start decorating.

Cut several Twinkies in half as these will be placed on top of the cupcakes as the face. When the cupcakes have cooled, apply a small amount of blue frosting so that the Twinkies half will sit on the cake.

Next, begin decorating the faces to look like MINIONs. Add white frosting for the eyes, a dot of black for the pupil and black to make the glasses. You can change the expression of the faces by placing the pupils in a different position or adding different mouths. You can also add a small amount of black hair with frosting.

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