She Is Visiting Her Son’s Grave. Who She Spots Walking Right Towards Them? I’m Crying

Nineteen year-old Tyson Schreiber died a tragic death. He was driving alone on a foggy and dark night. His car drifted, and he was ejected from his seat. He died 12 hours later. Tyson is missed by many. He was a beloved son, friend, sibling and a star athlete. Tyson’s mother and sister found it difficult to say goodbye. The three had shared many memories together.

Tyson’s organs were donated after he died. Laura Ericks, who was one of the recipients, received Tyson’s kidney and pancreas. Laura was very ill and was told that she would not live to see the age of 40. However, thanks to Tyson, Laura is now 45 years-old. Julie is Tyson’s mother, and Whitney is his sister. One day, they decided to visit Tyson’s grave. It was the anniversary of his death.

Laura and her husband happened to be vacationing nearby. Laura did not want to leave until she found Tyson’s grave. She walked up to Julie and Whitney as soon as she saw them. It took Julie a little while to figure out who the woman was. When Julie figured out that the woman was her son’s organ recipient, the two hugged.

A few days later, Julie and Whitney visited the grave again. They noticed that Laura had written a special message on the grave. It said, “My hero. Thank you for the gift of life.”

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