She Is Buying A Coffin For Their Unborn Baby. The Reason Why Will Depress You. WOW

When a couple is expecting a baby, they don’t expect to buy a coffin at the time of delivery. One couple did this heart breaking act of buying a coffin only a short time before their baby was born because they knew that they wouldn’t be able to spend a long time with their child.

When the pregnancy was in the early stages, the couple found out from the doctor that there was something wrong with their unborn son. The condition of the child was Trisomy 13.

This condition meant that the baby would only survive for a few hours after birth. Some babies survive for a few days, but seeing a child grow would not be possible. The couple didn’t want to end the pregnancy, so they planned on continuing until the baby was born.

The baby is born, and the couple takes their son home with them. They spend hours with the baby. The parents chose a casket that they thought would show the love they had for their son.

Today, the couple has a healthy daughter who they love just as much. They are thankful for the time spent with their son, even for a few hours.

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