She Introduces Her Baby To The Entire Family. But Look Closely At Her Little Face… INCREDIBLE!

Nearly everyone loves a baby- weather it is a newborn human or animal baby. Ponies are no exception. Newborn filly Coconut made her debut into the world recently to the usual “oohs” and “awws” however there was something a little more special about this little filly. Coconut was born with a rare “medicine hat” pattern across her head.

Animals with this pattern are typical seen as mysterious and rare. In Native American cultures, horses that have the medicine hat patterns are seen as magical and believed to be able to protect their riders while in battle.

When Coconut emerged, her family knew right away how special she really was. While in labor, Coconut and her mother were placed in a stall away from the other horses so that they could be away from the excitement and chaos.

A few days after giving birth, Coconut and her mother were both tired of being cooped up in a small stall. Their family let them out to roam around. Coconut took her first few steps in the outside world, staying close next to the safety of her mother’s side. It took a few moments for Coconut to find her feet, but once she did she was off galloping around the pen!

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