She Holds Her Husky Puppy Up To The Camera, And What He Has To Say Blew Me Away…

Animals have their own unique style of self. They don’t act like humans because that’s lame. Animal life is way more interesting. In fact, besides primates, very rarely do you see animals emulating human behavior. Gazelle don’t drive cars, they just run and leap. Horses don’t wear suits, they prefer the nude. And dogs don’t talk, they bark. So when you find an animal who can emulate something human, like speech, it is certainly worth noting.

This video shows a young Siberian Husky. Except instead of whimpering and barking like a puppy, this Husky sounds more like a human baby! Right down to the “goo’s” and “gaa’s.”

Kayla Cagnola holds up her dog, Ramsey, as her friend records. Both the owner and the cameraman are doubled over with laughter at the sounds coming from Ramsey. It’s nearly a perfect imitation of an infant’s cooing.

Talking dogs, although uncommon, are in fact nothing new. A fair shake of talking dogs have popped up in recent years. Some of these dogs can communicate entire phrases. Some of them repeat a single word, or groups of words. But not until this video has a dog been shown to so closly recreate the sounds of a baby human.

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