She Had Given Up All Hope And Didn’t Think She Could Make It..Until One Officer Does This

Asia Ford used to weigh almost 500 pounds until she woke up one day, determined that her teenage sons would not lose their mother to an early death caused by obesity. She started working out, encouraged by her first 25 pound weight loss, and became determined to become more physically active.

Asia signed up to participate in the annual 10K race held in downtown Louisville, KY this year. But she started to feel weak about two miles before the finish line since she had forgotten to eat any nourishing food that morning for breakfast to help fuel her run.

But a police officer watching the run from the sidelines noticed that Asia was in distress. He immediately approached her, asked if she needed help leaving the race, but she shook her head no, insisting that she wanted to continue.

So the police lieutenant simply took her hand and began walking with her toward the finish line some two miles away. While they walked steadily hand in hand, they kept up a conversation about her recent 200 pound weight loss and her determination to not only finish the race but to also continue on her important self-improvement program toward optimum health.

Asia Ford managed to make it across the finish line of the 10K race thanks to a local police officer who demonstrated kindness and compassion and provided her with the motivation she needed to just keep going.

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