She Had A Tiring Long Day, When She Tells Her Dog This? He Has The Best Reaction Ever!

Dogs can sometimes sense that something is wrong with their owner. They often snuggle next to you when you’re sick or guard you if there is a threat. German Shepherds are known for being loyal and making sure their owners are cared for, which is what one woman’s dog did after she got home from a long day at work.

Baron was able to prove to his owner that he will always be there no matter what by doing one simple task that was unexpected. He only needed to be told one thing before he went to the refrigerator to get the woman a beer. The woman said “Baron, I have had a long day.” Upon this statement, the dog ran off to the kitchen.

He has a beer in his mouth when he comes back out onto the porch. The dog proceeds to bring his owner his food bowl, which could mean that he wants a reward for getting a treat for her.

The video posted is one that is in support of dogs being companions instead of being animals that simply sit around the house, eat, sleep and play. They are friends to those who care for them and treat them like family.

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