She Got DOUBLE The Juice From A Lime By Doing This One Simple Trick. GENIUS!

She Got DOUBLE The Juice From A Lime By Doing This One Simple Trick. GENIUS!

Finding someone that doesn’t like limes often proves a difficult task. Lime juice is used for countless things, including mixed drinks and as a garnish for food. Unfortunately, squeezing lime juice out is always more complicated than it seems. Most people cut the lime in half and then squeeze as hard as possible. This yields a small puddle of juice but leaves a lot to be desired.

Recently, Jill Urban posted a video that revealed a better way to extract lime juice. She’s known as a DIY expert in various circles, so she knows a thing or two about life hacks. The video shows Urban detailing the usual difficulties associated with squeezing limes. Unlike lemons, these little fruits are tough and compact, so squeezing them tends to become a workout for the average person.

In the video, Urban cuts a lime into smaller pieces for easier squeezing. She cuts around the edges of the lime, creating a handful of lime pieces. Her method soon reveals a better way to juice those limes. With smaller pieces, the lime itself is easier to squeeze or crush so that liquid pours out of the fruit. She manages to extract at least double the usual amount of lime juice with this tactic.

Everyone needs to try this lime juice extraction method. It costs nothing, assuming a person has a sharp knife lying around. Plus, you’ll only spend a few seconds extra cutting the fruit into smaller pieces. Stop cutting those limes in half and start getting double the juice for your efforts!

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