She Gives Stillborn Baby One Final Hug – Doctors Shocked When Baby Resuscitates

One of the most gut-wrenching experiences for a mother is to deliver a stillborn baby. The loss is so devastating that it can make any person who has an inkling of compassion cry. A Thai video captured the experience perfectly and also captured a miracle that only the keeper of the heavens can answer.

The video shows two newborn babies lying in a crib next to each other. They are adorable babies who have only been in the world for a little bit of time. The one on the right side is crying and protesting like all newborns do when they first come into the world.

The other baby in the video is not moving at all and has a blue color to the skin. The baby is stillborn. The mother spends a few seconds dropping tears over her stillborn child, and then she decides to hold her baby one last time. She wants to put her arms around him and say goodbye before the doctors take him away. She says something in Thai and then holds him close to her bosom. We see his tiny lifeless hand and the look of sorrow on the mother’s face. Tears fall from her eyes onto the baby’s body.

All of a sudden, the once stillborn newborn moves his fingers, opens his eyes and starts crying in the air of life. Everyone in the room is amazed and full of joy because they witnessed such a miracle. Incidents like the one in this video happen every day. They will continue to happen as long as people continue to keep their faith. A life can be lost, created or revived in the blink of an eye. Watch the miracle on video right now and count the teardrops that fall from your eyes as you watch.

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