She Gets Pulled Over By Her Own Husband – But Watch As She Hands Him Something Odd…

Deputy sheriffs may seem like they’re always busy looking out for their communities, but they have personal lives too just like everyone else. This hilarious and cute video clip serves to prove that fact. A deputy sheriff pulled a blonde lady over to the side of the road. He informed her that she had violated some type of state law. She appeared to be extremely annoyed by the disruption to her morning routine. She was busy driving to work. When the deputy told her she had violated a rule, she continually protested. She at one pointed stated that they would be going over this matter at a later time. Things definitely didn’t appear too sunny for the couple’s near future then.

Viewers of this video clip initially believed that the lady was going to be smacked with a huge ticket. That definitely doesn’t happen, however. What actually transpired in the clip was a lot more pleasant than a traffic ticket. This is because the deputy sheriff happened to be the female driver’s husband! Yes, the blonde woman and the deputy sheriff are a happily married couple.

The driver in the clip appeared to be stunned by the concept of her husband giving her a ticket. She believed that the idea of a husband slapping his wife with a traffic ticket was absolutely unbelievable. She behaved in an insulted and irritated manner in the video clip. Her husband was serious as can be, however. He didn’t appear to be swayed by his wife’s annoyance. It didn’t look like the deputy sheriff was going to budge on his plans to write his wife a ticket. The situation wasn’t looking rosy for the blonde woman at all.

The deputy sheriff was purely professional with his wife. He didn’t call her by her name during the clip. He actually called her “Ma’am” twice in the video. It actually seemed like he was communicating with a total stranger he had never even met before. A casual observer would never guess in a million years that they were actually a married couple. The deputy sheriff looked to be all set to put his wife in hot water for taking the designated “high occupancy lane.” He scolded her for taking that line without having any other passengers in the vehicle alongside her.

The woman was annoyed and made an attempt to stop her husband’s actions. She really wanted to get to work and move on with her day. She seemed to eventually accept the reality, however, that she was going to be the recipient of a traffic ticket just like countless other people all across the nation and planet every day. Traffic tickets are an unfortunate reality for many people everywhere, and this woman didn’t believe that she was going to be spared one in this case.

It’s truly comedic to view the woman’s frustration with the entire situation. It’s just not an everyday thing. Most law enforcement professionals don’t have to deal with writing out tickets to their very own spouses. Can you even fathom the battles that arise after these rare situations, however? They can’t be pleasant.

The driver presented the deputy sheriff with proof of insurance and her license. She then proceeded to give him an unassuming paper. The paper, however, was no ordinary form of insurance proof. It wasn’t actually insurance proof at all. It was a sign that indicated that the couple have a beautiful baby on the way. The baby is due to be born in September of 2016. The woman totally has a right to drive in the special lane after all.

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