She Gave Up On Looking For Love. Until One Day, She Stumbled Upon Her Soulmate HERE

She Gave Up On Looking For Love. Until One Day, She Stumbled Upon Her Soulmate HERE

For Emily Maynard, life has been something far stranger than fiction. Over ten years ago, life seemed good for the stunningly beautiful natural blond. She was engaged to NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick. The two shared a daughter Ricki, named after her father. Ms. Maynard was engaged to be married when the unthinkable happened: her fiancé lost his life in a tragic plane crash. Several years later, Ms. Maynard joined the cast of women vying for a marriage proposal to an eligible bachelor on the set of the show “The Bachelor”.

Despite the odds she faced competing against 24 other attractive women, Maynard won the competition and got engaged to Atlanta-based entrepreneur Brad Womack. However, once the show was over and the paid exotic dates ended, the couple found they weren’t as compatible as they thought, and the relationship ended. Reality TV producers then brought Maynard back as “The Bachelorette” in season 15.

This time around, Maynard was in charge. The season was noted for the emphasis she placed on her religious values. She picked Jef Holm as her soul mate, but that relationship also failed to stand the test of time.

In the end, Maynard focused on her faith and the need to find her self-worth in Christ. Not surprisingly, it was at this time she finally found true love in a man by the name of Tyler Johnson. In fact, she recently published pictures of their first baby together. Johnson is also a loving father to her daughter Ricki. Maynard says that she had placed too much emphasis on finding love. Only after putting Christ first did she finally find inner peace and subsequently love.

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