She Found This Poor, Tiny Baby Squirrel. Watch What Her Sweet Dog Does…

There are baby animals in the woods all the time. Some make it through life while others don’t. This woman had a tree in her back yard that fell. In the tree was a baby squirrel. When the tree fell, the squirrel fell to the ground.

The woman decided to leave the squirrel alone for a day or so, seeing if it would get rescued by its mother. When the woman went to check on the squirrel the next day, it was still in the same spot. The mother likely didn’t find the baby, so the woman picked up the squirrel and took care of the poor animal.

The woman also had a dog. When the dog saw the baby squirrel, it immediately started trying to act like a mother. The dog plays with the baby, and tries to keep the baby warm. The squirrel was about a week old when the woman took a video of how the dog acted with the baby.

When the baby was found, it didn’t have its eyes open. Now, the squirrel is playing like nothing ever happened. It eats well, and the dog doesn’t seem like it wants to hurt the animal as they will carefully play with each other.

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