She Explains Where Her Great Grandma Is. Her Daughter’s Response Made Hairs On My Next Stand Up

Jaime Primak Sullivan is a producer, writer and publicist for a show on Bravo called “Jersey Belle”. She is also an active member of Facebook. She regularly posts family videos on her Facebook page. Jaime and her daughter Charlie were talking before bedtime one night. They were talking about Jaime’s grandmother, who had recently died at the age of 93.

Jaime asks where her grandmother is. Charlie then points up to the sky. She explains that her great grandmother went home to be with God. Charlie then says, “Mommy, your grandmother’s here, and she says, Hi, Jaimela.”

Jaime reacts in complete shock. Charlie repeats herself. Jaime is still shocked and is not sure about how she should respond. She decides to cut off the camera. In her Facebook post, she writes that she is freaking out and does not have the words to describe how she is feeling.

Jaime states that “Jaimela” is a name that her grandmother called her when she was growing up. She states there is no way that her daughter could have known this. Jaime says that she has not discussed this with her daughter. However, she say that if her daughter brings it up again, then they will discuss it.

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