She Dumps These 4 Ingredients in a Slow Cooker to Make Delicous Chicken and Stuffing

Most people tend to think of stuffing as a side dish that is only suited for the holidays, but there is no reason one can’t enjoy it throughout the entire year. Of course, making homemade stuffing can be a little time consuming. Thanks to a standard kitchen tool, however, making a delicious dish of chicken and stuffing is simple and requires just four ingredients.

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The recipe calls for a couple of chicken breasts, stuffing mix, two cans of cream of chicken soup, and two cans of chicken broth. Despite its simplicity, the meal is one that the family will likely be requesting more often. It is nice on a cold evening and comes in very handy when the hustle and bustle of the holiday season leaves little time to prepare a full meal in the evening.

To make this delicious feast, begin by greasing the bottom of a slow cooker and then placing the boneless chicken breasts inside. A little salt and pepper can be sprinkled on the chicken for added taste, and other light seasonings can also be used if one prefers. Next, add the stuffing mix on top of the chicken breasts.

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Treasury Officials Discover Russian Money Trail Straight to Trump Campaign

The cream of chicken soup and chicken broth should be thoroughly mixed together in a separate bowl. Once mixed, the liquid is poured into the slow cooker on top of the chicken and stuffing mix. The final step is to cover the slow cooker, set it on low, and allow it to cook for a few hours. A rich aroma of holiday goodness will soon fill the kitchen.

Once the dish is complete the stuffing can be spooned directly onto plates and the chicken can be cut up into portions for the family. It is possible to also halve this recipe if cooking for one or two people. A great compliment to the dish are traditional holiday veggies like mashed potatoes or corn.

Comfort food is a great treat during the winter, and it’s even better when the preparation is simple. Most people lead very busy lives today, and being able to put an entire meal in the slow cooker is appealing on many levels.