She Dips a Mason Jar In Spray Paint. What She Does Next Has Me Running To The Store To Make Some

The marble effect adds texture to home decor, and it is very easy to create with Mason jars and spray paint. The end result is colorful and eye-catching and will surely be a big topic of conversation.

Before starting the process, a tarp should be placed on the floor to protect from overspray, and the area should be well ventilated to avoid breathing in paint fumes. An old plastic tub deep enough to completely submerge Mason jars is also required.

After filling the tub and choosing paint colors, the paint should be sprayed directly into the water, but not at too close of a range as this could create bubbles on the finished jar. Once the desired color pattern is achieved, the Mason jars can be dipped or rotated in the mixture. The person doing the dipping should wear gloves because spray paint is very difficult to remove from the skin.

The completed jars should be allowed to stand and dry for at least 20 minutes. If any air bubbles appear, rolling a toothpick or cuticle stick over them will quickly eliminate the problem. The final product is a unique accessory that adds a splash of color anywhere in the home.

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