She Didn’t Follow The Coreography She Was Given. But The Result Is Hilarious.

When someone doesn’t listen to direction, they won’t know what to do when it comes to a test or another important event. This little girl doesn’t listen to the directions she is given, but the end result is something hilarious.

The girl is on stage for a dance routine. There are other girls on stage with her, but she is the one who doesn’t think she has to listen to her instructor. The show is a recital of the tap dance class. While there are parents who video the funny things their children do, this little girl appears to take one of the top spots of being in the spotlight.

She has several funny moves that the audience can’t seem to turn away from, and by the end of the routine, everyone in the room is laughing. When there are several children on stage at once, especially if they are about three or four years old, you would expect a little amusement.

This little girl shakes her legs and arms in any way she wants while the other children on stage are trying to do the routine in the proper fashion. She doesn’t seem to care whether everyone is looking at her, and when the show is over, she gets a loud round of applause along with the rest of the group on stage.

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