She Cuts Into An Old Bra… The End Result? You Will Want To Make One!

Bras today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles and naturally, not all bras are right for every person. Some bras seem to be utilitarian and put comfort last. Other bras use strange features in an attempt to provide support. Something that is true of all bras on the market today is that they are not designed to last forever … A bra might last for just a few months or a few years depending on the quality. There might actually be a way to repurpose an old bra so that it is functional but it in a different way. A YouTuber named Ray Lee came up with a do-it-yourself project that can transform an old, traditional bra into a backless one.

You are going to need a few basic supplies to complete this project. The first thing you will need a bra that fits you. You want to use an older bra since you will be cutting it into pieces. You need a bra that has adjustable shoulder straps. This is critical for how the bra will work later. You need a sewing needle and thread that is preferably the same color as the bra. You need a few sewing pins. The final item you need is a pair of good, sharp scissors for cutting through the fabric.

The first step is to follow the thin shoulder straps down to the thicker strap that would normally run across your back and hook together to hold the bra in place. This is the piece that you see running horizontally across your back when wearing the bra. Carefully cut the shoulder straps away from that piece. Get as close to the back strap as possible. You want to preserve all of the shoulder strap. Do this for both sides.

The next step is to trace the back strap forward to where it meets the cups on the bra. You need to be very careful at this point. Use the scissors to separate the cups from the back strap. You need to cut very close to the cup without actually cutting into it. Sharp scissors work best since you will not be shredding the fabric. Cut the back straps clean away. You should now be left with the front cups of the bra and the shoulder straps only.

Take the loose ends of the shoulder straps and place them along the bottom of the cups on each side to form loops for your arms. Position them away from the bottom edge of the cups. You want to leave about an inch or so between the strap and the bottom corner. Use a sewing pin to secure the strap in place when you are happy with the positioning. You want about a one to two-inch piece of strap secured to the cup on each side. Be careful to keep the ends of the pins facing out and away from the inside of the bra.

Take the bra and try it on at this point. Just put your arms through the straps. You want to make certain that the bra fits nicely. Adjust the straps as necessary until it feels comfortable. Get your needle and thread. Start sewing the straps to the bottom of the cups. This completes the backless bra. You can use some double-sided or fashion tape to help hold the bra in place. It is important to note that the bra is not really for heavy activity since it will move around a good amount. It is really designed for more formal and elegant events where you will mostly be in the same position.

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