She Cuts A Soda Bottle Into A Ring And Holds It Against An Iron. What It Turns Into? I WANT!!

Finding a summer craft project for your kids can be a difficult task. Here is a simple craft way to make plastic bangle bracelets that will let them express themselves artistically and keep them entertained for hours on end.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 – clear plastic bottle larger than the wrist
  • 1 – roll of masking tape
  • 1 – pair of scissors
  • 1 – clothes iron
  • various colors of nail polish

Step 1:

Wrap the masking tape around the bottle to form a circle. Use as many bands of tape as you need to get the width of finished bangle you want.

Step 2:

Use the scissors to cut out your plastic band following the edges of the masking tape. After you have the circle of plastic cut out of the bottle you can remove and throw away the tape.

Step 3:

Set the clothes iron to no steam and medium heat. Gently touch the sharp edges of the plastic ring to the iron, constantly turning it slowly. The heat from the iron should soften the plastic and make it curl inward forming a rounded, safe outside edge. Repeat the process with the other sharp edge. Older children may be able to do this with supervision, but you should do this yourself for ones that are younger.

Step 4:

Use the nail polish to decorate the inside of the bangle. The rounded edges should keep the polish from rubbing off against the skin and the clear plastic will give the outside a shiny gloss look.

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