She Covers Two Balloons In Glitter Glue. Then She Purposely Pops It. The Result? Awesome!

If there has ever been a time when you needed to decorate for a special event, then you know that it can be difficult deciding what to add to tables, walls or other items so that you have everything covered.

One woman has an idea that might work for any kind of event, and all it takes is a balloon and glitter.

The decoration is called a glitter bowl. It’s inexpensive to make, and you only need a few items to complete the look. This is a decoration where you can easily change the colors of the items that are used to match the event. The first thing that you need is two cups of glitter. The glitter can be of any color that you want.

You also need a balloon and mod podge. A paint brush can be used to apply the glitter. Combine the glitter and the mod podge. Blow the balloon to the desired size. Paint the glitter and mod podge on the outside of the balloon.

Let the balloon dry for about 24 hours. When the balloon is popped, it will create a beautiful decoration for the home or a special event that you can set on a table or small desk.

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