She Caught Her 5 Year Old Sneaking Up To A Homeless Man. What He Does Next Had My Heart Glowing

Most mothers are happy if their five year olds can stay asleep at naptime during school. However, one special mom caught her five year old son doing something incredibly special, and the reactions of both have inspired the world.

Outside of a Waffle House in Alabama, five year old Josiah Duncan began to ask his mother’s content is questions about a homeless man who was hanging out outside of the restaurant alone. The man was holding a bag along with riding a bike; however, Josiah definitely noticed something was amiss.

The young man began peppering his mother with questions, asking about where the man lives and where he kept his groceries. His mother had to explain to him that the man was homeless, and as Josiah continued to ask questions, his mother had to eventually explain what being homeless meant.

As the young man began to understand the situation, he began to beg his mother to buy a meal for the homeless man. His mother obliged, but this is not even the aspect of the story that got people teary-eyed.

Before the homeless man began to eat, Josiah began to say a prayer with him over the food. There were 11 other customers in the restaurant, and Josiah’s mother proudly picked up her camera and began filming the incident. After crying, the homeless man gratefully ate his meal and went on his way.

It can be quite difficult to move through life some days, but stories like these are what keep us all going.

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