She Asks Her Baby A Series Of HARD Questions. Her Response? Nothing Like I’ve Ever Seen!

Most parents are elated when their babies say their first words. The mangled little “mehmehmehs” later formulate into “mamas.” They eventually begin to crawl, cruise, and walk. It is common knowledge that infants learn at their own pace, with some children learning to walk as young as seven months of age, while others take up to a year or more. So what is so amazing about the baby in this video?

This tyke just may be considered in a top percentile when it comes to actual knowledge, when compared to other tots his age. The little boy, just 15-months-old, responds correctly to a serious of questions AND requests that his mother makes of him!

When asked what sounds particular animals make, the little boy responds correctly. When asked to balance himself, the little cutey quickly raises one leg into the air and uses his arm to balance himself out.

The amazing little boy continues to display of knowledge throughout the video, correctly identifying himself, objects in the room, and even parts of his anatomy. The toddler correctly actions and responds accordingly.

When asked how he feels?

“Happy!” he replies, bouncing merrily about.

This little guy is well on his way! How could anyone not be impressed?

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