She Adopted A Pit Bull, But Here’s What No One Told Her About It…

She Adopted A Pit Bull, But Here’s What No One Told Her About It…

Ashley Gulla, an aspiring writer and motivational speaker from Cleveland, Ohio recalls the story of how she has rescued a pit bull named Romeo from being put down.

She has fostered the pit bull who was slated to be put down and has now become so attached to the pit bull that she says it has changed her life for the better. To begin, pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breeds of all time. They have a ferocious and dangerous reputation that is founded mostly on myths. Some of the myths are that pit bulls are aggressive by nature, that they make poor family pets, that they have locking jaws, and that their bite is stronger than a Rottweiler’s are all false.

These myths create an image of a pit bull being a fierce, aggressive dog that can attack and injure people. If a pit bull is nurtured and properly trained they will develop into a gentle giant and can be excellent family pets. Ashley recalls that whenever a visitor such as a mailman comes to her house for the first time and is greeted by her pit bull that she must apologize and explain that her dog is friendly.

Eventually she says “they get used to the dog and their fear of the ferocious reputation of the pit bull subsides.” Ashley’s experience with her pit bull has changed her outlook on life. Rescuing, and raising a pit bull has made her more forgiving, less judgmental, more accepting, and more focused on the present. It is the misunderstood nature of the pit bull and the love that her pit bull shows to her that has changed her.

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