She Adds THIS One Ingredient To Baking Soda And I Said “Weird”. But The Reason? GENIUS

While winter can be a punishing time, we know that a warmer season is coming up. With spring just a few months away, it’s the perfect time to be thinking about how to get your feet in flip-flop condition.

All too often, our feet can get dried out and our toenails can get covered with unsightly bacteria (not to mention the smell!). That’s no way to go to the beach, or even to hang around the house with your family and friends. Well, luckily, there’s a quick solution that you’ll want to try right away. We know we sure did.

The awesome trick combines an extra ingredient to baking soda. And the ingredient is…milk! That’s right, you simply fill a bowl partially with milk, then add the baking soda and mix it.

After soaking your feet for a short period of time (up to 30 minutes), you’ll see a dramatic improvement. That’s because the baking soda takes care of surface particles and bacteria, acting as a powerful cleansing agent.

The milk is the secret ingredient because its nutrients act to soften and moisturize your feet so they end looking and feeling amazingly smooth. Who knew just two ingredients could be so effective?

This simple solution is something you’ll want to add to your daily routine, especially with flip-flop season around the corner.

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