She Abandons Her Newborn Son. Watch What Nurses See Under The Baby’s Blanket…

We hear tragic stories time and again of parents rejecting their babies because of some defect or deformity. Our first reaction is usually anger and disbelief. Let us consider another possibility. Perhaps, this was the child’s path all along, and they were meant to find a life better than what they came from. Gabe Adams is one such child that was given up but was soon led to a new family and a new life.

Gabe was born in Brazil without arms or legs. His mother rejected him as soon as she saw him, and Gabe was placed in an orphanage. Those caring for him somehow knew that little Gabe had more to offer than the life he was given. They made sure his story was heard. No one could have imagined that Janelle Adams, a Utah housewife, would hear his story and immediately take action.

Janelle was simply shopping one day in her local grocery store when she heard about the story of Gabe. Something in her was sparked, and Janelle knew she and her family could give Gabe a better life. Not soon after, the whole family would be picking Gabe up at the airport and bringing him home.

It did not take long for the family to fall in love with sweet baby Gabe. But, the family was not about to let Gabe go through life depending on others for his daily care. Janelle and her husband Ron knew that the more independent Gabe became, the more he would see that he could do anything, despite his loss of limbs.

As soon as Gabe was able, he learned to crawl around, get himself dressed and brush his hair. Fast forward to several years later and Gabe is a self-sufficient, capable young man. Each morning after bible study with his family, Gabe performs daily exercises to keep his body strong. After he has showered and dressed, he makes his way to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal, even pouring the milk himself.

Gabe understands his family is tough on him because they care so much. He realizes it is important for him to have the freedom to get around on his own. An electric wheelchair powered by Gabe’s heads takes him where he needs to go, such as school. His school even expects Gabe to keep up with his studies. Holding a pencil between his chin and shoulder, Gabe is able to take notes and complete his homework.

Like any young boy, Gabe does have downtime to enjoy activities just for fun. He loves bouncing on the trampoline set up in his backyard. Ron and Gabe also enjoy swimming together at the local pool. Jumping off of the diving board is especially exciting for Gabe.

While Gabe will always have challenges to face, he is certainly on his way to being a well-adjusted, productive adult who can go out into the world and do great things. Even though Gabe did not have a birth mother who could imagine all of his potential, he found a loving family who did.

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