See Which Retailer Says Employees Are Banned From Taking Thanksgiving Off

See Which Retailer Says Employees Are Banned From Taking Thanksgiving Off

Just a week away from Thanksgiving, and many KMart employees are reporting the company has banned them from taking Thanksgiving off.

Some employees have also been told they had better not even think about asking for the day off, as it will not be granted, and, if they do not show up for work they will immediately be fired. In fact, KMart employees across the country say in many cases management at the store they work for has not even asked if they want Thanksgiving Day off, as they will be expected to work that day, as well as the day after — Black Friday.

One KMart employee even started a petition on requesting the company allow employees the flexibility of taking the day off. As part of the petition she surveyed a small number of staff in 13 states, asking if they were allowed to refuse to work on Thanksgiving. Only three out of 56 employees that responded said they could choose to take the day off.

That is because most KMart stores across the United States will be open on Thanksgiving Day and, as that day and Black Friday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year, staff is expected to work. Meanwhile, a KMart company spokesperson said, while the company does try its best to give time off on

Thanksgiving to employees that ask for it, unless other staff volunteer, or a store is able to find part-time help, they have no choice but to ask staff to work. The spokesperson also stressed every KMart associate that is asked to work on a holiday is paid time and a half for every hour they work.

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